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Rashmi Bhamare ( Software professional ) 
Helps to get control over your finance. Plan for your future. Un-biased view of different investment instruments. A good financial counselling.

Abhishek ( Professor )
It is been very good service experience.

Aniruddha Govande ( Architect )
The need based Analysis is excellent, first time in life I came across risk analysis for individual & now having a peace of mind.

Vijay Deokate ( NLP trainer )
Ashish is having a very good knowledge & skills in Financial planning.
He helped me not only in planing my finances to complete my financial goals but help me to be aware about my financial situation & align me to proper way of handling money matters. I wish him all the best.

Bharatbhushan Devidas Kolhe ( Regional Manager - Telecom )
Having excellent knowledge about it and the main important thing is that he is having that ability to convince you for the investment needed for your future. After meeting him, I have started real savings in my life.

Mayur ( Account Manager )
Financial planning service is very best service provided by Ashish Bhave which definitely help individuals to achieve there financial goals successfully....great work Ashish keep it up.

Sanjeevani Vishwasrao ( Housewife )
Mr Bhave understood our requirements well and has been able to guide us towards our goals despite our financial limitations.
He is very consistent with his guidance and is always available for assisting us with our financial queries. He has given us an unbiased analysis and guidance.

Suyog Kulkarni ( IT professional )
After meet with Ashish first time I came across the risks and how to mitigate. Various opinions, suggestions and detailed plan gave me confidence to meet the goals. Thanks to Ashish!!

Ashwini ( SME owner )
Ashish had given excellent service, helped me to streamline my investments.

Varun Agrawal ( Consultant - Industrial )
The scientific process of financial planing had really helped me to optimize my existing resources to complete my financial goals. I am really thankful to Ashish.

Parag ( Technical consultant )
Very practical solutions are recommended by Mr. Bhave, that we have not even think off. Like any other success story, planning and execution is necessary. So is with our financial planning. We think that is what Mr. Bhave suggested to us. We thank Mr. Bhave for perfect analysis and suggestions.

Shailesh Pawar ( Account Manager ) 
Ashish`s takes a in depth discussion on each aspects of the financial planning. Take into consideration what is good as per the requirement of the person.

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